About WAVQ

WAVQ Radio is Jacksonville’s music station. Our goal for AM 1400 is to bring music back to the  airwaves in a variety not heard for many years. In addition, there is an FM signal, at 95.5 and a live stream.

Somehow- radio lost its way. Music radio became focused on a narrow selection of well  tested hits. Unfortunately, it was the same songs, over and over and over again. Some  artists weren’t played at all, because they didn’t fit the oldies, classic hits or best mix  definitions. Other artists only had a small body of their work heard on the airwaves.

That’s why a new format was needed– and Contemporary Classics WAVQ brings you  the best singers and songwriters from the best decades of popular music, the mid 1960s through mid 1980s. WAVQ also keeps you up to date with ABC News, sports and  AccuWeather, we give you the latest tips on better living and good health from John Tesh and Connie Sellecca. We bring you live high school sports and we have a strong commitment to our community, through the monthly Spotlight on Onslow program on air and special podcasts on line.

Keep listening as WAVQ winds itself into the fabric of Jacksonville daily life.

Contact us at 910-219-0455 or wavqradio@yahoo.com