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WAVQ 2017 Media Kit

Why Radio? Why WAVQ?

  • Radio offers immediacy, frequency of message, flexibility, compatibility and listener loyalty.Listeners need to be exposed to a message multiple times before they will respond. Radio offers affordable rates that allow a greater variety of message and frequency.
  • Radio is a “call to action” media capable of stirring emotion. Advertising copy can be updated to reflect the needs of the client. Another affordable aspect of radio advertising is the ability to create a theater of the mind and evoke images that it would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to “show” in visual media.
  • Radio advertising easily goes hand-in-hand with other marketing efforts, reinforcing and multiplying the dollars spent.
  • WAVQ offers four ways to reach potential clients. All advertising is heard on 95.5 FM, 1400 AM and on line at In addition, potential client relationships can be reinforced through listings in our on line business directory, which are included in all of our package rates.
  • WAVQ has the largest music library in Eastern North Carolina, keeping listeners engaged for longer periods of time. WAVQ also offers unique weekend music programming and music specials. In the summertime, a special library of summer songs entices listeners on weekends. Saturdays during the holiday season are filled with the sounds of Christmas, starting the weekend before Thanksgiving. Northside High School football games fill Fall Friday evenings and select Northside basketball games are heard during the winter months. Fall and Spring bring Men’s and Women’s Soccer from Swansboro and Northside.